This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions here.

IPython Qt console optionsΒΆ

Any of the IPython kernel options can also be used.

IPythonQtConsoleApp.auto_create : Bool

Default: False

Whether to create profile dir if it doesn’t exist

IPythonQtConsoleApp.confirm_exit : CBool

Default: True

Set to display confirmation dialog on exit. You can always use ‘exit’ or ‘quit’, to force a direct exit without any confirmation.

IPythonQtConsoleApp.connection_file : Unicode

Default: ‘’

JSON file in which to store connection info [default: kernel-<pid>.json]

This file will contain the IP, ports, and authentication key needed to connect clients to this kernel. By default, this file will be created in the security-dir of the current profile, but can be specified by absolute path.

IPythonQtConsoleApp.copy_config_files : Bool

Default: False

Whether to install the default config files into the profile dir. If a new profile is being created, and IPython contains config files for that profile, then they will be staged into the new directory. Otherwise, default config files will be automatically generated.

IPythonQtConsoleApp.existing : CUnicode

Default: ‘’

Connect to an already running kernel

IPythonQtConsoleApp.extra_config_file : Unicode

Default: u’‘

Path to an extra config file to load.

If specified, load this config file in addition to any other IPython config.

IPythonQtConsoleApp.hb_port : Int

Default: 0

set the heartbeat port [default: random]

IPythonQtConsoleApp.hide_menubar : CBool

Default: False

Start the console window with the menu bar hidden.

IPythonQtConsoleApp.iopub_port : Int

Default: 0

set the iopub (PUB) port [default: random]

IPythonQtConsoleApp.ip : Unicode

Default: u’‘

Set the kernel’s IP address [default localhost]. If the IP address is something other than localhost, then Consoles on other machines will be able to connect to the Kernel, so be careful!

IPythonQtConsoleApp.ipython_dir : Unicode

Default: u’‘

The name of the IPython directory. This directory is used for logging configuration (through profiles), history storage, etc. The default is usually $HOME/.ipython. This options can also be specified through the environment variable IPYTHONDIR.

IPythonQtConsoleApp.log_datefmt : Unicode

Default: ‘%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S’

The date format used by logging formatters for %(asctime)s

IPythonQtConsoleApp.log_format : Unicode

Default: ‘[%(name)s]%(highlevel)s %(message)s’

The Logging format template

IPythonQtConsoleApp.log_level : 0|10|20|30|40|50|’DEBUG’|’INFO’|’WARN’|’ERROR’|’CRITICAL’

Default: 30

Set the log level by value or name.

IPythonQtConsoleApp.maximize : CBool

Default: False

Start the console window maximized.

IPythonQtConsoleApp.overwrite : Bool

Default: False

Whether to overwrite existing config files when copying

IPythonQtConsoleApp.plain : CBool

Default: False

Use a plaintext widget instead of rich text (plain can’t print/save).

IPythonQtConsoleApp.profile : Unicode

Default: u’default’

The IPython profile to use.

IPythonQtConsoleApp.shell_port : Int

Default: 0

set the shell (ROUTER) port [default: random]

IPythonQtConsoleApp.sshkey : Unicode

Default: ‘’

Path to the ssh key to use for logging in to the ssh server.

IPythonQtConsoleApp.sshserver : Unicode

Default: ‘’

The SSH server to use to connect to the kernel.

IPythonQtConsoleApp.stdin_port : Int

Default: 0

set the stdin (DEALER) port [default: random]

IPythonQtConsoleApp.stylesheet : Unicode

Default: ‘’

path to a custom CSS stylesheet

IPythonQtConsoleApp.transport : ‘tcp’|’ipc’

Default: ‘tcp’

No description

IPythonQtConsoleApp.verbose_crash : Bool

Default: False

Create a massive crash report when IPython encounters what may be an internal error. The default is to append a short message to the usual traceback

KernelManager.autorestart : Bool

Default: False

Should we autorestart the kernel if it dies.

KernelManager.ip : Unicode

Default: u’‘

Set the kernel’s IP address [default localhost]. If the IP address is something other than localhost, then Consoles on other machines will be able to connect to the Kernel, so be careful!

KernelManager.kernel_cmd : List

Default: []

The Popen Command to launch the kernel. Override this if you have a custom kernel. If kernel_cmd is specified in a configuration file, IPython does not pass any arguments to the kernel, because it cannot make any assumptions about the arguments that the kernel understands. In particular, this means that the kernel does not receive the option –debug if it given on the IPython command line.

KernelManager.transport : ‘tcp’|’ipc’

Default: ‘tcp’

No description

IPythonWidget.ansi_codes : Bool

Default: True

Whether to process ANSI escape codes.

IPythonWidget.banner : Unicode

Default: u’‘

No description

IPythonWidget.buffer_size : Integer

Default: 500

The maximum number of lines of text before truncation. Specifying a non- positive number disables text truncation (not recommended).

IPythonWidget.clear_on_kernel_restart : Bool

Default: True

Whether to clear the console when the kernel is restarted

IPythonWidget.confirm_restart : Bool

Default: True

Whether to ask for user confirmation when restarting kernel

IPythonWidget.editor : Unicode

Default: ‘’

A command for invoking a system text editor. If the string contains a {filename} format specifier, it will be used. Otherwise, the filename will be appended to the end the command.

IPythonWidget.editor_line : Unicode

Default: u’‘

The editor command to use when a specific line number is requested. The string should contain two format specifiers: {line} and {filename}. If this parameter is not specified, the line number option to the %edit magic will be ignored.

IPythonWidget.enable_calltips : Bool

Default: True

Whether to draw information calltips on open-parentheses.

IPythonWidget.execute_on_complete_input : Bool

Default: True

Whether to automatically execute on syntactically complete input.

If False, Shift-Enter is required to submit each execution. Disabling this is mainly useful for non-Python kernels, where the completion check would be wrong.

IPythonWidget.font_family : Unicode

Default: u’‘

The font family to use for the console. On OSX this defaults to Monaco, on Windows the default is Consolas with fallback of Courier, and on other platforms the default is Monospace.

IPythonWidget.font_size : Integer

Default: 0

The font size. If unconfigured, Qt will be entrusted with the size of the font.

IPythonWidget.gui_completion : ‘plain’|’droplist’|’ncurses’

Default: ‘ncurses’

The type of completer to use. Valid values are:

‘plain’ : Show the available completion as a text list
Below the editing area.
‘droplist’: Show the completion in a drop down list navigable
by the arrow keys, and from which you can select completion by pressing Return.
‘ncurses’ : Show the completion as a text list which is navigable by
tab and arrow keys.
IPythonWidget.height : Integer

Default: 25

The height of the console at start time in number of characters (will double with vsplit paging)

IPythonWidget.history_lock : Bool

Default: False

No description

IPythonWidget.in_prompt : Unicode

Default: ‘In [<span class=”in-prompt-number”>%i</span>]: ‘

No description

IPythonWidget.input_sep : Unicode

Default: ‘\n’

No description

IPythonWidget.kind : ‘plain’|’rich’

Default: ‘plain’

The type of underlying text widget to use. Valid values are ‘plain’, which specifies a QPlainTextEdit, and ‘rich’, which specifies a QTextEdit.

IPythonWidget.lexer_class : DottedObjectName

Default: <IPython.utils.traitlets.Undefined object at 0x1025a84d0>

The pygments lexer class to use.

IPythonWidget.out_prompt : Unicode

Default: ‘Out[<span class=”out-prompt-number”>%i</span>]: ‘

No description

IPythonWidget.output_sep : Unicode

Default: ‘’

No description

IPythonWidget.output_sep2 : Unicode

Default: ‘’

No description

IPythonWidget.paging : ‘inside’|’hsplit’|’vsplit’|’custom’|’none’

Default: ‘inside’

The type of paging to use. Valid values are:

The widget pages like a traditional terminal.
When paging is requested, the widget is split horizontally. The top pane contains the console, and the bottom pane contains the paged text.
Similar to ‘hsplit’, except that a vertical splitter is used.
No action is taken by the widget beyond emitting a ‘custom_page_requested(str)’ signal.
The text is written directly to the console.
IPythonWidget.style_sheet : Unicode

Default: u’‘

A CSS stylesheet. The stylesheet can contain classes for:
  1. Qt: QPlainTextEdit, QFrame, QWidget, etc
  2. Pygments: .c, .k, .o, etc. (see PygmentsHighlighter)
  3. IPython: .error, .in-prompt, .out-prompt, etc
IPythonWidget.syntax_style : Unicode

Default: u’‘

If not empty, use this Pygments style for syntax highlighting. Otherwise, the style sheet is queried for Pygments style information.

IPythonWidget.width : Integer

Default: 81

The width of the console at start time in number of characters (will double with hsplit paging)

InlineBackend.close_figures : Bool

Default: True

Close all figures at the end of each cell.

When True, ensures that each cell starts with no active figures, but it also means that one must keep track of references in order to edit or redraw figures in subsequent cells. This mode is ideal for the notebook, where residual plots from other cells might be surprising.

When False, one must call figure() to create new figures. This means that gcf() and getfigs() can reference figures created in other cells, and the active figure can continue to be edited with pylab/pyplot methods that reference the current active figure. This mode facilitates iterative editing of figures, and behaves most consistently with other matplotlib backends, but figure barriers between cells must be explicit.

InlineBackend.figure_format : Unicode

Default: u’‘

The figure format to enable (deprecated use figure_formats instead)

InlineBackend.figure_formats : Set

Default: set([‘png’])

A set of figure formats to enable: ‘png’, ‘retina’, ‘jpeg’, ‘svg’, ‘pdf’.

InlineBackend.print_figure_kwargs : Dict

Default: {‘bbox_inches’: ‘tight’}

Extra kwargs to be passed to fig.canvas.print_figure.

Logical examples include: bbox_inches, quality (for jpeg figures), etc.

InlineBackend.rc : Dict

Default: {‘font.size’: 10, ‘figure.figsize’: (6.0, 4.0), ‘figure.facec...

Subset of matplotlib rcParams that should be different for the inline backend.