This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Module: html.auth.login

Tornado handlers for logging into the notebook.

1 Class

class IPython.html.auth.login.LoginHandler(application, request, **kwargs)

Bases: IPython.html.base.handlers.IPythonHandler

The basic tornado login handler

authenticates with a hashed password from the configuration.

classmethod get_user(handler)

Called by handlers.get_current_user for identifying the current user.

See tornado.web.RequestHandler.get_current_user for details.

classmethod login_available(settings)

Whether this LoginHandler is needed - and therefore whether the login page should be displayed.

classmethod password_from_settings(settings)

Return the hashed password from the tornado settings.

If there is no configured password, an empty string will be returned.

classmethod validate_security(app, ssl_options=None)

Check the notebook application’s security.

Show messages, or abort if necessary, based on the security configuration.