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This documentation is for a development version of IPython. There may be significant differences from the latest stable release.

Module: html.widgets.interaction

Interact with functions using widgets.

1 Class

class IPython.html.widgets.interaction.fixed(value, **kwargs)

Bases: IPython.utils.traitlets.HasTraits

A pseudo-widget whose value is fixed and never synced to the client.

__init__(value, **kwargs)

3 Functions

IPython.html.widgets.interaction.interactive(__interact_f, **kwargs)

Build a group of widgets to interact with a function.

IPython.html.widgets.interaction.interact(f, **kwargs)

Interact with a function using widgets.

IPython.html.widgets.interaction.interact_manual(f, **kwargs)

As interact(), generates widgets for each argument, but rather than running the function after each widget change, adds a “Run” button and waits for it to be clicked. Useful if the function is long-running and has several parameters to change.