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Module: nbconvert.preprocessors.csshtmlheader

Module that pre-processes the notebook for export to HTML.

1 Class

class IPython.nbconvert.preprocessors.csshtmlheader.CSSHTMLHeaderPreprocessor(*pargs, **kwargs)

Bases: IPython.nbconvert.preprocessors.base.Preprocessor

Preprocessor used to pre-process notebook for HTML output. Adds IPython notebook front-end CSS and Pygments CSS to HTML output.

__init__(*pargs, **kwargs)
preprocess(nb, resources)

Fetch and add CSS to the resource dictionary

Fetch CSS from IPython and Pygments to add at the beginning of the html files. Add this css in resources in the “inlining.css” key


nb : NotebookNode

Notebook being converted

resources : dictionary

Additional resources used in the conversion process. Allows preprocessors to pass variables into the Jinja engine.