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This documentation is for a development version of IPython. There may be significant differences from the latest stable release.

Development version

This document describes in-flight development work.


Please do not edit this file by hand (doing so will likely cause merge conflicts for other Pull Requests). Instead, create a new file in the docs/source/whatsnew/pr folder

  • TextWidget and TextareaWidget objects now include a placeholder attribute, for displaying placeholder text before the user has typed anything.

  • The %load magic can now find the source for objects in the user namespace. To enable searching the namespace, use the -n option.

    In [1]: %load -n my_module.some_function
  • DirectView objects have a new use_cloudpickle() method, which works like view.use_dill(), but causes the cloudpickle module from PiCloud’s cloud library to be used rather than dill or the builtin pickle module.

  • Added a .ipynb exporter to nbconvert. It can be used by passing --to notebook as a commandline argument to nbconvert.

  • New nbconvert preprocessor called ClearOutputPreprocessor. This clears the output from IPython notebooks.

  • New preprocessor for nbconvert that executes all the code cells in a notebook. To run a notebook and save its output in a new notebook:

    ipython nbconvert InputNotebook --ExecutePreprocessor.enabled=True --to notebook --output Executed

Backwards incompatible changes

  • IPython.core.oinspect.getsource() call specification has changed:

    • oname keyword argument has been added for property source formatting
    • is_binary keyword argument has been dropped, passing True had previously short-circuited the function to return None unconditionally
  • Removed the octavemagic extension: it is now available as oct2py.ipython.

  • Creating PDFs with LaTeX no longer uses a post processor. Use nbconvert --to pdf instead of nbconvert --to latex --post pdf.

  • Used https://github.com/jdfreder/bootstrap2to3 to migrate the Notebook to Bootstrap 3.

    Additional changes:

    • Set .tab-content .row 0px; left and right margin (bootstrap default is -15px;)
    • Removed height: @btn_mini_height; from .list_header>div, .list_item>div in tree.less
    • Set #header div margin-bottom: 0px;
    • Set #menus to float: left;
    • Set #maintoolbar .navbar-text to float: none;
    • Added no-padding convienence class.
    • Set border of #maintoolbar to 0px
  • Accessing the container DOM object when displaying javascript has been deprecated in IPython 2.0 in favor of accessing element. Starting with IPython 3.0 trying to access container will raise an error in browser javascript console.

IFrame embedding

The IPython Notebook and its APIs by default will only be allowed to be embedded in an iframe on the same origin.

To override this, set headers[X-Frame-Options] to one of

  • DENY
  • ALLOW-FROM uri

See Mozilla’s guide to X-Frame-Options for more examples.