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Module: core.completerlib

Implementations for various useful completers.

These are all loaded by default by IPython.


IPython.core.completerlib.cd_completer(self, event)

Completer function for cd, which only returns directories.


Returns a list containing the names of all the modules available in the folders of the pythonpath.

IPython.core.completerlib.is_importable(module, attr, only_modules)
IPython.core.completerlib.magic_run_completer(self, event)

Complete files that end in .py or .ipy for the %run command.

IPython.core.completerlib.module_completer(self, event)

Give completions after user has typed ‘import ...’ or ‘from ...’


Returns a list containing the completion possibilities for an import line.

The line looks like this : ‘import xml.d’ ‘from xml.dom import’


Return the list containing the names of the modules available in the given folder.

IPython.core.completerlib.quick_completer(cmd, completions)

Easily create a trivial completer for a command.

Takes either a list of completions, or all completions in string (that will be split on whitespace).


[d:\ipython]|1> import ipy_completers
[d:\ipython]|2> ipy_completers.quick_completer('foo', ['bar','baz'])
[d:\ipython]|3> foo b<TAB>
bar baz
[d:\ipython]|3> foo ba
IPython.core.completerlib.reset_completer(self, event)

A completer for %reset magic

IPython.core.completerlib.try_import(mod, only_modules=False)