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Module: core.payloadpage

A payload based version of page.


  • Brian Granger
  • Fernando Perez



Install this version of page as IPython.core.page.page.

IPython.core.payloadpage.page(strng, start=0, screen_lines=0, pager_cmd=None, html=None, auto_html=False)

Print a string, piping through a pager.

This version ignores the screen_lines and pager_cmd arguments and uses IPython’s payload system instead.

Parameters :

strng : str

Text to page.

start : int

Starting line at which to place the display.

html : str, optional

If given, an html string to send as well.

auto_html : bool, optional

If true, the input string is assumed to be valid reStructuredText and is converted to HTML with docutils. Note that if docutils is not found, this option is silently ignored.