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Module: utils.sysinfo

Utilities for getting information about IPython and the system it’s running in.



Return the effective number of CPUs in the system as an integer.

This cross-platform function makes an attempt at finding the total number of available CPUs in the system, as returned by various underlying system and python calls.

If it can’t find a sensible answer, it returns 1 (though an error may make it return a large positive number that’s actually incorrect).


Get short form of commit hash given directory pkg_path

We get the commit hash from (in order of preference):

  • IPython.utils._sysinfo.commit
  • git output, if we are in a git repository

If these fail, we return a not-found placeholder tuple

Parameters :

pkg_path : str

directory containing package only used for getting commit from active repo

Returns :

hash_from : str

Where we got the hash from - description

hash_str : str

short form of hash


Return dict describing the context of this package

Parameters :

pkg_path : str

path containing __init__.py for package

Returns :

context : dict

with named parameters of interest


Return useful information about IPython and the system, as a string.