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Module: qt.console.call_tip_widget

1 Class

class IPython.qt.console.call_tip_widget.CallTipWidget(text_edit)

Bases: PySide.QtGui.QLabel

Shows call tips by parsing the current text of Q[Plain]TextEdit.


Create a call tip manager that is attached to the specified Qt text edit widget.


Reimplemented to cancel the hide timer.

eventFilter(obj, event)

Reimplemented to hide on certain key presses and on text edit focus changes.


Reimplemented to disconnect signal handlers and event filter.


Reimplemented to start the hide timer.


Reimplemented to paint the background panel.


Reimplemented to allow use of this method as a slot.


Reimplemented to connect signal handlers and event filter.

show_call_info(call_line=None, doc=None, maxlines=20)

Attempts to show the specified call line and docstring at the current cursor location. The docstring is possibly truncated for length.


Attempts to show the specified tip at the current cursor location.


Reimplemented to hide the widget when the hide timer fires.