Videos and Screencasts

Science and Python: retrospective of a (mostly) successful decade

A historical view of the co-evolution of IPython and the scientific Python stack (1h), that has been very well received. Delivered by Fernando Perez as a keynote presentation at the PyCon Canada 2012 conference in Toronto, it contains multiple demos of the workflows that IPython enables (PDF slides).

IPython: Python at your fingertips

An overview of IPython (40 min) (PDF slides), delivered by Fernando Perez at the PyCon 2012 conference in Santa Clara, CA. It combines a rapid overview of the IPython project with hands-on demos using the new HTML notebook interface.

The IPython Notebook

A short (5 min) demonstration of the notebook’s basic features by the team at the Pybonacci blog:

IPython in depth: high-productivity interactive and parallel python

A long and detailed tutorial (2:48h) presented at PyCon 2013 by Fernando Perez, Brian Granger and Min Ragan-Kelley (all materials are available on github).

More videos and screencasts

  • The Pycon 2012 edition of the IPython in-depth tutorial (PDF slides for the introduction and for the notebook).
  • Kurt Schwehr has an excellent set of videos up on YouTube that describe the use of Python as a research tool. These were made as part of a course at the University of New Hampshire. The topics covered go beyond IPython, and it’s a very cohesive set of lectures around the kinds of workflows that IPython was built for.
  • Brian Granger has a number of screencasts on his YouTube channel about using IPython’s parallel computing capabilities. These include a number of examples and a guide to getting started with IPython and Windows HPC Server 2008. Two of these videos are also being hosted on Microsoft’s channel 9.
  • The ShowMeDo site contains instructional videos on a number of topics. This page (from our own wiki) contains further information on ideas for new IPython-related videos.
  • Jose Unpingco has created a set of screencasts on using the Vision/IPython combo for parallel computing. They are available at ShowMeDo.
  • Another series at ShowMeDo by Jose Unpingco makes up a tutorial on IPython with a focus on scientific computing, which also include a lot of useful tips on Windows setup and configuration.
  • A new 5-part series by Jeff Rush, approximately 1 hour long. Jeff uses a working IPython to show many features. Created 2007.
  • A new 5-minute slideshow overview by Jeff Rush entitled “Python and the Interactive Shell ‘IPython’”. Created 2007.
  • A set of 4 videos by Ian Ozsvald showing various aspects of IPython. Created 2006.