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This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Module: core.completerlib

Implementations for various useful completers.

These are all loaded by default by IPython.

10 Functions


Return the list containing the names of the modules available in the given folder.


Returns a list containing the names of all the modules available in the folders of the pythonpath.

ip.db[‘rootmodules_cache’] maps sys.path entries to list of modules.

IPython.core.completerlib.is_importable(module, attr, only_modules)
IPython.core.completerlib.try_import(mod, only_modules=False)
IPython.core.completerlib.quick_completer(cmd, completions)

Easily create a trivial completer for a command.

Takes either a list of completions, or all completions in string (that will be split on whitespace).


[d:\ipython]|1> import ipy_completers
[d:\ipython]|2> ipy_completers.quick_completer('foo', ['bar','baz'])
[d:\ipython]|3> foo b<TAB>
bar baz
[d:\ipython]|3> foo ba

Returns a list containing the completion possibilities for an import line.

The line looks like this : ‘import xml.d’ ‘from xml.dom import’

IPython.core.completerlib.module_completer(self, event)

Give completions after user has typed ‘import ...’ or ‘from ...’

IPython.core.completerlib.magic_run_completer(self, event)

Complete files that end in .py or .ipy for the %run command.

IPython.core.completerlib.cd_completer(self, event)

Completer function for cd, which only returns directories.

IPython.core.completerlib.reset_completer(self, event)

A completer for %reset magic