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This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Module: core.excolors

Color schemes for exception handling code in IPython.

1 Function


Return a color table with fields for exception reporting.

The table is an instance of ColorSchemeTable with schemes added for ‘Linux’, ‘LightBG’ and ‘NoColor’ and fields for exception handling filled in.


>>> ec = exception_colors()
>>> ec.active_scheme_name
>>> print ec.active_colors

Now we activate a color scheme: >>> ec.set_active_scheme(‘NoColor’) >>> ec.active_scheme_name ‘NoColor’ >>> sorted(ec.active_colors.keys()) [‘Normal’, ‘caret’, ‘em’, ‘excName’, ‘filename’, ‘filenameEm’, ‘line’, ‘lineno’, ‘linenoEm’, ‘name’, ‘nameEm’, ‘normalEm’, ‘topline’, ‘vName’, ‘val’, ‘valEm’]