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This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Module: lib.security

Password generation for the IPython notebook.

2 Functions

IPython.lib.security.passwd(passphrase=None, algorithm='sha1')

Generate hashed password and salt for use in notebook configuration.

In the notebook configuration, set c.NotebookApp.password to the generated string.


passphrase : str

Password to hash. If unspecified, the user is asked to input and verify a password.

algorithm : str

Hashing algorithm to use (e.g, ‘sha1’ or any argument supported by hashlib.new()).


hashed_passphrase : str

Hashed password, in the format ‘hash_algorithm:salt:passphrase_hash’.


In [1]: passwd(‘mypassword’) Out[1]: ‘sha1:7cf3:b7d6da294ea9592a9480c8f52e63cd42cfb9dd12’

IPython.lib.security.passwd_check(hashed_passphrase, passphrase)

Verify that a given passphrase matches its hashed version.


hashed_passphrase : str

Hashed password, in the format returned by passwd.

passphrase : str

Passphrase to validate.


valid : bool

True if the passphrase matches the hash.


In [1]: from IPython.lib.security import passwd_check

In [2]: passwd_check(‘sha1:0e112c3ddfce:a68df677475c2b47b6e86d0467eec97ac5f4b85a’,
...: ‘mypassword’)

Out[2]: True

In [3]: passwd_check(‘sha1:0e112c3ddfce:a68df677475c2b47b6e86d0467eec97ac5f4b85a’,
...: ‘anotherpassword’)

Out[3]: False