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This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Module: nbconvert.utils.console

Utility functions for interacting with the console

3 Functions


Prompt the user for input.

The input command will change depending on the version of python installed. To maintain support for 2 and earlier, we must use raw_input in that case. Else use input.


prompt_text : str

Prompt to display to the user.

IPython.nbconvert.utils.console.prompt_boolean(prompt, default=False)

Prompt the user for a boolean response.


prompt : str

prompt to display to the user

default : bool, optional

response to return if none is given by the user

IPython.nbconvert.utils.console.prompt_dictionary(choices, default_style=1, menu_comments={})

Prompt the user to chose one of many selections from a menu.


choices : dictionary

Keys - choice numbers (int) Values - choice value (str), this is what the function will return

default_style : int, optional

Choice to select if the user doesn’t respond

menu_comments : dictionary, optional

Additional comments to append to the menu as it is displayed in the console. Keys - choice numbers (int) Values - comment (str), what will be appended to the corresponding choice