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Module: parallel.controller.heartmonitor

A multi-heart Heartbeat system using PUB and ROUTER sockets. pings are sent out on the PUB, and hearts are tracked based on their DEALER identities.


  • Min RK

2 Classes

class IPython.parallel.controller.heartmonitor.Heart(in_addr, out_addr, mon_addr=None, in_type=2, out_type=5, mon_type=1, heart_id=None)

Bases: object

A basic heart object for responding to a HeartMonitor. This is a simple wrapper with defaults for the most common Device model for responding to heartbeats.

It simply builds a threadsafe zmq.FORWARDER Device, defaulting to using SUB/DEALER for in/out.

You can specify the DEALER’s IDENTITY via the optional heart_id argument.

__init__(in_addr, out_addr, mon_addr=None, in_type=2, out_type=5, mon_type=1, heart_id=None)
class IPython.parallel.controller.heartmonitor.HeartMonitor(**kwargs)

Bases: IPython.config.configurable.LoggingConfigurable

A basic HeartMonitor class pingstream: a PUB stream pongstream: an ROUTER stream period: the period of the heartbeat in milliseconds


add a new handler for heart failure


add a new handler for new hearts


a heart just beat