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This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Module: parallel.error

Classes and functions for kernel related errors and exceptions.

Inheritance diagram:

Inheritance diagram of IPython.parallel.error


  • Brian Granger
  • Min RK

14 Classes

class IPython.parallel.error.IPythonError

Bases: exceptions.Exception

Base exception that all of our exceptions inherit from.

This can be raised by code that doesn’t have any more specific information.

class IPython.parallel.error.KernelError

Bases: IPython.parallel.error.IPythonError

class IPython.parallel.error.EngineError

Bases: IPython.parallel.error.KernelError

class IPython.parallel.error.NoEnginesRegistered

Bases: IPython.parallel.error.KernelError

class IPython.parallel.error.TaskAborted

Bases: IPython.parallel.error.KernelError

class IPython.parallel.error.TaskTimeout

Bases: IPython.parallel.error.KernelError

class IPython.parallel.error.TimeoutError

Bases: IPython.parallel.error.KernelError

class IPython.parallel.error.UnmetDependency

Bases: IPython.parallel.error.KernelError

class IPython.parallel.error.ImpossibleDependency

Bases: IPython.parallel.error.UnmetDependency

class IPython.parallel.error.DependencyTimeout

Bases: IPython.parallel.error.ImpossibleDependency

class IPython.parallel.error.InvalidDependency

Bases: IPython.parallel.error.ImpossibleDependency

class IPython.parallel.error.RemoteError(ename, evalue, traceback, engine_info=None)

Bases: IPython.parallel.error.KernelError

Error raised elsewhere

__init__(ename, evalue, traceback, engine_info=None)

print my traceback


render traceback to a list of lines

class IPython.parallel.error.TaskRejectError

Bases: IPython.parallel.error.KernelError

Exception to raise when a task should be rejected by an engine.

This exception can be used to allow a task running on an engine to test if the engine (or the user’s namespace on the engine) has the needed task dependencies. If not, the task should raise this exception. For the task to be retried on another engine, the task should be created with the retries argument > 1.

The advantage of this approach over our older properties system is that tasks have full access to the user’s namespace on the engines and the properties don’t have to be managed or tested by the controller.

class IPython.parallel.error.CompositeError(message, elist)

Bases: IPython.parallel.error.RemoteError

Error for representing possibly multiple errors on engines

__init__(message, elist)

render one or all of my tracebacks to a list of lines

3 Functions

IPython.parallel.error.collect_exceptions(rdict_or_list, method='unspecified')

check a result dict for errors, and raise CompositeError if any exist. Passthrough otherwise.