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This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Module: utils.decorators

Decorators that don’t go anywhere else.

This module contains misc. decorators that don’t really go with another module in IPython.utils. Beore putting something here please see if it should go into another topical module in IPython.utils.

2 Functions


Wrap a function to detect and flag when it gets called.

This is a decorator which takes a function and wraps it in a function with a ‘called’ attribute. wrapper.called is initialized to False.

The wrapper.called attribute is set to False right before each call to the wrapped function, so if the call fails it remains False. After the call completes, wrapper.called is set to True and the output is returned.

Testing for truth in wrapper.called allows you to determine if a call to func() was attempted and succeeded.


Mark a function or class as undocumented.

This is found by inspecting the AST, so for now it must be used directly as @undoc, not as e.g. @decorators.undoc