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Module: utils.strdispatch

String dispatch class to match regexps and dispatch commands.

1 Class

class IPython.utils.strdispatch.StrDispatch

Bases: object

Dispatch (lookup) a set of strings / regexps for match.


>>> dis = StrDispatch()
>>> dis.add_s('hei',34, priority = 4)
>>> dis.add_s('hei',123, priority = 2)
>>> dis.add_re('h.i', 686)
>>> print list(dis.flat_matches('hei'))
[123, 34, 686]
add_re(regex, obj, priority=0)

Adds a target regexp for dispatching

add_s(s, obj, priority=0)

Adds a target ‘string’ for dispatching


Get a seq of Commandchain objects that match key


Yield all ‘value’ targets, without priority