This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Module: html.nbextensions

Utilities for installing Javascript extensions for the notebook

1 Class

class IPython.html.nbextensions.NBExtensionApp(**kwargs)

Bases: IPython.core.application.BaseIPythonApplication

Entry point for installing notebook extensions

2 Functions

IPython.html.nbextensions.check_nbextension(files, ipython_dir=None)

Check whether nbextension files have been installed

files should be a list of relative paths within nbextensions.

Returns True if all files are found, False if any are missing.

IPython.html.nbextensions.install_nbextension(files, overwrite=False, symlink=False, ipython_dir=None, verbose=1)

Install a Javascript extension for the notebook

Stages files and/or directories into IPYTHONDIR/nbextensions. By default, this compares modification time, and only stages files that need updating. If overwrite is specified, matching files are purged before proceeding.


files : list(paths or URLs)

One or more paths or URLs to existing files directories to install. These will be installed with their base name, so ‘/path/to/foo’ will install to ‘nbextensions/foo’. Archives (zip or tarballs) will be extracted into the nbextensions directory.

overwrite : bool [default: False]

If True, always install the files, regardless of what may already be installed.

symlink : bool [default: False]

If True, create a symlink in nbextensions, rather than copying files. Not allowed with URLs or archives.

ipython_dir : str [optional]

The path to an IPython directory, if the default value is not desired. get_ipython_dir() is used by default.

verbose : int [default: 1]

Set verbosity level. The default is 1, where file actions are printed. set verbose=2 for more output, or verbose=0 for silence.