This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Module: nbformat.v4.nbbase

Python API for composing notebook elements

The Python representation of a notebook is a nested structure of dictionary subclasses that support attribute access (IPython.utils.ipstruct.Struct). The functions in this module are merely helpers to build the structs in the right form.

7 Functions

IPython.nbformat.v4.nbbase.validate(node, ref=None)

nbformat validation is not backported

IPython.nbformat.v4.nbbase.new_output(output_type, data=None, **kwargs)

Create a new output, to go in the cell.outputs list of a code cell.


Create a NotebookNode for an output from a kernel’s IOPub message.

Returns:NotebookNode: the output as a notebook node.
Raises:ValueError: if the message is not an output message.
IPython.nbformat.v4.nbbase.new_code_cell(source='', **kwargs)

Create a new code cell

IPython.nbformat.v4.nbbase.new_markdown_cell(source='', **kwargs)

Create a new markdown cell

IPython.nbformat.v4.nbbase.new_raw_cell(source='', **kwargs)

Create a new raw cell


Create a new notebook