Module: ipmaker

IPython – An enhanced Interactive Python

Requires Python 2.1 or better.

This file contains the main make_IPython() starter function.


IPython.ipmaker.force_import(modname, force_reload=False)
IPython.ipmaker.make_IPython(argv=None, user_ns=None, user_global_ns=None, debug=1, rc_override=None, shell_class=<class 'IPython.iplib.InteractiveShell'>, embedded=False, **kw)

This is a dump of IPython into a single function.

Later it will have to be broken up in a sensible manner.


  • argv: a list similar to sys.argv[1:]. It should NOT contain the desired

script name, b/c DPyGetOpt strips the first argument only for the real sys.argv.

  • user_ns: a dict to be used as the user’s namespace.

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