Module: kernel.twistedutil

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class IPython.kernel.twistedutil.DeferredList(deferredList, fireOnOneCallback=0, fireOnOneErrback=0, consumeErrors=0, logErrors=0)

Bases: twisted.internet.defer.Deferred

I combine a group of deferreds into one callback.

I track a list of L{Deferred}s for their callbacks, and make a single callback when they have all completed, a list of (success, result) tuples, ‘success’ being a boolean.

Note that you can still use a L{Deferred} after putting it in a DeferredList. For example, you can suppress ‘Unhandled error in Deferred’ messages by adding errbacks to the Deferreds after putting them in the DeferredList, as a DeferredList won’t swallow the errors. (Although a more convenient way to do this is simply to set the consumeErrors flag)

Note: This is a modified version of the twisted.internet.defer.DeferredList

__init__(deferredList, fireOnOneCallback=0, fireOnOneErrback=0, consumeErrors=0, logErrors=0)

Initialize a DeferredList.

@type deferredList: C{list} of L{Deferred}s @param deferredList: The list of deferreds to track. @param fireOnOneCallback: (keyword param) a flag indicating that

only one callback needs to be fired for me to call my callback
@param fireOnOneErrback: (keyword param) a flag indicating that
only one errback needs to be fired for me to call my errback
@param consumeErrors: (keyword param) a flag indicating that any errors
raised in the original deferreds should be consumed by this DeferredList. This is useful to prevent spurious warnings being logged.


class IPython.kernel.twistedutil.ReactorInThread(group=None, target=None, name=None, args=(), kwargs=None, verbose=None)

Bases: threading.Thread

Run the twisted reactor in a different thread.

For the process to be able to exit cleanly, do the following:

rit = ReactorInThread() rit.setDaemon(True) rit.start()

__init__(group=None, target=None, name=None, args=(), kwargs=None, verbose=None)


IPython.kernel.twistedutil.gatherBoth(dlist, fireOnOneCallback=0, fireOnOneErrback=0, consumeErrors=0, logErrors=0)
This is like gatherBoth, but sets consumeErrors=1.
Pull out results/Failures from a DeferredList.
IPython.kernel.twistedutil.wait_for_file(filename, delay=0.10000000000000001, max_tries=10)

Wait (poll) for a file to be created.

This method returns a Deferred that will fire when a file exists. It works by polling os.path.isfile in time intervals specified by the delay argument. If max_tries is reached, it will errback with a FileTimeoutError.


filename : str

The name of the file to wait for.

delay : float

The time to wait between polls.

max_tries : int

The max number of attempts before raising FileTimeoutError


d : Deferred

A Deferred instance that will fire when the file exists.