Module: wildcard

Inheritance diagram for IPython.wildcard:

Support for wildcard pattern matching in object inspection.




class IPython.wildcard.NameSpace(obj, name_pattern='*', type_pattern='all', ignore_case=True, show_all=True)

Bases: object

NameSpace holds the dictionary for a namespace and implements filtering on name and types

__init__(obj, name_pattern='*', type_pattern='all', ignore_case=True, show_all=True)
filter(name_pattern, type_pattern)
Return dictionary of filtered namespace.
Return name space dictionary with objects matching type and name patterns.
Return list of object names in namespace that match the patterns.
Return name space dictionary with objects matching type and name patterns.
List of objects in name space that match the type and name patterns.


IPython.wildcard.create_typestr2type_dicts(dont_include_in_type2type2str=[, 'lambda'])
Return dictionaries mapping lower case typename to type objects, from the types package, and vice versa.
IPython.wildcard.is_type(obj, typestr_or_type)
is_type(obj,typestr_or_type) verifies if obj is of a certain type or group of types takes strings as parameters of the for ‘tuple’<->TupleType ‘all’ matches all types. TODO: Should be extended for choosing more than one type
IPython.wildcard.list_namespace(namespace, type_pattern, filter, ignore_case=False, show_all=False)
Return dictionary of all objects in namespace that matches type_pattern and filter.
IPython.wildcard.show_hidden(str, show_all=False)
Return true for strings starting with single _ if show_all is true.