New configuration systemΒΆ

IPython has a configuration system. When running IPython for the first time, reasonable defaults are used for the configuration. The configuration of IPython can be changed in two ways:

  • Configuration files
  • Commands line options (which override the configuration files)

IPython has a separate configuration file for each subpackage. Thus, the main configuration files are (in your ~/.ipython directory):

  • ipython1.core.ini
  • ipython1.kernel.ini
  • ipython1.notebook.ini

To create these files for the first time, do the following:

from IPython.kernel.config import config_manager as kernel_config

But, you should only need to do this if you need to modify the defaults. If needed repeat this process with the notebook and core configuration as well. If you are running into problems with IPython, you might try deleting these configuration files.

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