Presentations on IPython

We have given a number of talks and presentations about IPython:


  • Fernando gave a keynote address at PyCon 2014 entitled Python and Science: How OSS and Python are transforming science. The video is availible on the PyCon 2014 YouTube site.

  • At PyCon 2014 there was also a tutorial IPython in depth: high productivity interactive and parallel python. The entire 3 hour long tutorial can be viewed here.


  • Fernando’s SciPy 2013 Keynote entitled IPython: from the shell to a book with a single tool…the method behind the madness can be viewed on YouTube.

  • The SciPy tutorial IPython in Depth is also available: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.



  • Slides from a talk about IPython for the Sheffield Python user group.

  • Slides and video of a presentation about the new features in IPython 0.11 at the Scipy 2011 conference.

  • A tutorial on using IPython for parallel computing with our new ZeroMQ infrastructure.


  • Slides from a talk that Fernando Perez presented at the SciPy India 2010 conference.

  • Brian Granger has written a whitepaper describing the new support that ipcluster has for Windows HPC Server 2008. If you use IPython’s parallel computing architecture on Windows, this provides a very nice way of starting the controller and engines on a cluster. The whitepaper shows how to get started with IPython and Windows HPC Server 200 as well two examples of using IPython to perform an interactive parallel computation. This material is also in our documentation here and here. Many thanks to Microsoft for funding Brian Granger to work on this.



  • A talk at 23andMe where Fernando spoke about ipython in general, with some details about its facilities for distributed computing.





  • A talk at SciPy’04.