PyReadline: a ctypes-based readline for Windows

pyreadline is based on UNC readline by Gary Bishop and its development is now led by Jörgen Stenarson. The following new features have been added over the original UNC readline:

  • Support for international characters (if you have the correct codepage active)
  • Copy and paste using the clipboard
  • Smart paste for convenient use with ipython. Converting tab separated data to python list or numpy array. Converting file paths to use / and escaping any spaces using .
  • Pasting of multiline code removing empty lines
  • System bell is disabled by default, can be activated in config file.

Note: UNC readline is not being developed further by Gary, and PyReadline can be considered the continuation of that project. This was done in full agreement with Gary, given his current development priorities.


You can install PyReadline from PyPI, where you can find binary installers and source downloads.

Mailing list

Questions and bug reports can be directed to the ipython mailing list.

Status and development

The current stable release is 1.7.

Development is hosted at github. The issue tracker is hosted there as well.