Module: kernel.engineconnector

Inheritance diagram for IPython.kernel.engineconnector:

A class that manages the engines connection to the controller.


class IPython.kernel.engineconnector.EngineConnector(tub)

Bases: object

Manage an engines connection to a controller.

This class takes a foolscap Tub and provides a connect_to_controller method that will use the Tub to connect to a controller and register the engine with the controller.

connect_to_controller(engine_service, furl_or_file)

Make a connection to a controller specified by a furl.

This method takes an IEngineBase instance and a foolcap URL and uses the tub attribute to make a connection to the controller. The foolscap URL contains all the information needed to connect to the controller, including the ip and port as well as any encryption and authentication information needed for the connection.

After getting a reference to the controller, this method calls the register_engine method of the controller to actually register the engine.

engine_service : IEngineBase

An instance of an IEngineBase implementer

furl_or_file : str

A furl or a filename containing a furl