This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Module: kernel.zmq.displayhook

Replacements for sys.displayhook that publish over ZMQ.

2 Classes

class IPython.kernel.zmq.displayhook.ZMQDisplayHook(session, pub_socket)

Bases: object

A simple displayhook that publishes the object’s repr over a ZeroMQ socket.

__init__(session, pub_socket)
class IPython.kernel.zmq.displayhook.ZMQShellDisplayHook(shell=None, cache_size=1000, **kwargs)

Bases: IPython.core.displayhook.DisplayHook

A displayhook subclass that publishes data using ZeroMQ. This is intended to work with an InteractiveShell instance. It sends a dict of different representations of the object.


Finish up all displayhook activities.


Set the parent for outbound messages.


Write the output prompt.