This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions here.

The IPython APIΒΆ

Date:September 25, 2015
IPython IPython: tools for interactive and parallel computing in Python.
IPython.config.application A base class for a configurable application.
IPython.config.configurable A base class for objects that are configurable.
IPython.config.loader A simple configuration system.
IPython.config.manager Manager to read and modify config data in JSON files.
IPython.consoleapp A minimal application base mixin for all ZMQ based IPython frontends.
IPython.core.alias System command aliases.
IPython.core.application An application for IPython.
IPython.core.autocall Autocall capabilities for IPython.core.
IPython.core.builtin_trap A context manager for managing things injected into __builtin__.
IPython.core.compilerop Compiler tools with improved interactive support.
IPython.core.completer Word completion for IPython.
IPython.core.completerlib Implementations for various useful completers.
IPython.core.crashhandler sys.excepthook for IPython itself, leaves a detailed report on disk.
IPython.core.debugger Pdb debugger class.
IPython.core.error Global exception classes for IPython.core.
IPython.core.events Infrastructure for registering and firing callbacks on application events.
IPython.core.excolors Color schemes for exception handling code in IPython.
IPython.core.extensions A class for managing IPython extensions.
IPython.core.formatters Display formatters.
IPython.core.getipython Simple function to call to get the current InteractiveShell instance
IPython.core.history History related magics and functionality
IPython.core.historyapp An application for managing IPython history.
IPython.core.hooks Hooks for IPython.
IPython.core.inputsplitter Input handling and transformation machinery.
IPython.core.inputtransformer Input transformer classes to support IPython special syntax.
IPython.core.interactiveshell Main IPython class.
IPython.core.logger Logger class for IPython’s logging facilities.
IPython.core.macro Support for interactive macros in IPython
IPython.core.magic Magic functions for InteractiveShell.
IPython.core.magic_arguments A decorator-based method of constructing IPython magics with argparse option handling.
IPython.core.oinspect Tools for inspecting Python objects.
IPython.core.page Paging capabilities for IPython.core
IPython.core.payload Payload system for IPython.
IPython.core.payloadpage A payload based version of page.
IPython.core.prefilter Prefiltering components.
IPython.core.profileapp An application for managing IPython profiles.
IPython.core.profiledir An object for managing IPython profile directories.
IPython.core.prompts Classes for handling input/output prompts.
IPython.core.pylabtools Pylab (matplotlib) support utilities.
IPython.core.shellapp A mixin for Application classes that launch InteractiveShell instances, load extensions, etc.
IPython.core.splitinput Simple utility for splitting user input.
IPython.core.ultratb Verbose and colourful traceback formatting.
IPython.core.usage Usage information for the main IPython applications.
IPython.display Public API for display tools in IPython.
IPython.html.auth.login Tornado handlers for logging into the notebook.
IPython.html.auth.logout Tornado handlers for logging out of the notebook.
IPython.html.base.handlers Base Tornado handlers for the notebook server.
IPython.html.base.zmqhandlers Tornado handlers for WebSocket <-> ZMQ sockets.
IPython.html.edit.handlers Tornado handlers for the terminal emulator.
IPython.html.files.handlers Serve files directly from the ContentsManager.
IPython.html.nbconvert.handlers Tornado handlers for nbconvert.
IPython.html.nbextensions Utilities for installing Javascript extensions for the notebook
IPython.html.notebook.handlers Tornado handlers for the live notebook view.
IPython.html.notebookapp A tornado based IPython notebook server.
IPython.html.services.clusters.clustermanager Manage IPython.parallel clusters in the notebook.
IPython.html.services.clusters.handlers Tornado handlers for cluster web service.
IPython.html.services.config.handlers Tornado handlers for frontend config storage.
IPython.html.services.config.manager Manager to read and modify frontend config data in JSON files.
IPython.html.services.contents.checkpoints Classes for managing Checkpoints.
IPython.html.services.contents.filecheckpoints File-based Checkpoints implementations.
IPython.html.services.contents.fileio Utilities for file-based Contents/Checkpoints managers.
IPython.html.services.contents.filemanager A contents manager that uses the local file system for storage.
IPython.html.services.contents.handlers Tornado handlers for the contents web service.
IPython.html.services.contents.manager A base class for contents managers.
IPython.html.services.kernels.handlers Tornado handlers for kernels.
IPython.html.services.kernels.kernelmanager A MultiKernelManager for use in the notebook webserver
IPython.html.services.kernelspecs.handlers Tornado handlers for kernel specifications.
IPython.html.services.security.handlers Tornado handlers for security logging.
IPython.html.services.sessions.handlers Tornado handlers for the sessions web service.
IPython.html.services.sessions.sessionmanager A base class session manager.
IPython.html.tree.handlers Tornado handlers for the tree view.
IPython.html.utils Notebook related utilities
IPython.html.widgets.interaction Interact with functions using widgets.
IPython.html.widgets.trait_types Trait types for html widgets.
IPython.html.widgets.widget Base Widget class.
IPython.html.widgets.widget_bool Bool class.
IPython.html.widgets.widget_box Box class.
IPython.html.widgets.widget_button Button class.
IPython.html.widgets.widget_float Float class.
IPython.html.widgets.widget_image Image class.
IPython.html.widgets.widget_int Int class.
IPython.html.widgets.widget_link Link and DirectionalLink classes.
IPython.html.widgets.widget_output Output class.
IPython.html.widgets.widget_selection Selection classes.
IPython.html.widgets.widget_selectioncontainer SelectionContainer class.
IPython.html.widgets.widget_string String class.
IPython.kernel.adapter Adapters for IPython msg spec versions.
IPython.kernel.blocking.channels Blocking channels
IPython.kernel.blocking.client Implements a fully blocking kernel client.
IPython.kernel.channels Base classes to manage a Client’s interaction with a running kernel
IPython.kernel.channelsabc Abstract base classes for kernel client channels
IPython.kernel.client Base class to manage the interaction with a running kernel
IPython.kernel.clientabc Abstract base class for kernel clients
IPython.kernel.comm.comm Base class for a Comm
IPython.kernel.comm.manager Base class to manage comms
IPython.kernel.connect Utilities for connecting to kernels
IPython.kernel.inprocess.blocking Implements a fully blocking kernel client.
IPython.kernel.inprocess.channels A kernel client for in-process kernels.
IPython.kernel.inprocess.client A client for in-process kernels.
IPython.kernel.inprocess.ipkernel An in-process kernel
IPython.kernel.inprocess.manager A kernel manager for in-process kernels.
IPython.kernel.inprocess.socket Defines a dummy socket implementing (part of) the zmq.Socket interface.
IPython.kernel.ioloop.manager A kernel manager with a tornado IOLoop
IPython.kernel.ioloop.restarter A basic in process kernel monitor with autorestarting.
IPython.kernel.launcher Utilities for launching kernels
IPython.kernel.manager Base class to manage a running kernel
IPython.kernel.managerabc Abstract base class for kernel managers.
IPython.kernel.multikernelmanager A kernel manager for multiple kernels
IPython.kernel.restarter A basic kernel monitor with autorestarting.
IPython.kernel.threaded Defines a KernelClient that provides thread-safe sockets with async callbacks on message replies.
IPython.kernel.zmq.datapub Publishing native (typically pickled) objects.
IPython.kernel.zmq.displayhook Replacements for sys.displayhook that publish over ZMQ.
IPython.kernel.zmq.embed Simple function for embedding an IPython kernel
IPython.kernel.zmq.eventloops Event loop integration for the ZeroMQ-based kernels.
IPython.kernel.zmq.heartbeat The client and server for a basic ping-pong style heartbeat.
IPython.kernel.zmq.iostream Wrappers for forwarding stdout/stderr over zmq
IPython.kernel.zmq.ipkernel The IPython kernel implementation
IPython.kernel.zmq.kernelapp An Application for launching a kernel
IPython.kernel.zmq.kernelbase Base class for a kernel that talks to frontends over 0MQ.
IPython.kernel.zmq.pylab.backend_inline A matplotlib backend for publishing figures via display_data
IPython.kernel.zmq.pylab.config Configurable for configuring the IPython inline backend
IPython.kernel.zmq.serialize serialization utilities for apply messages
IPython.kernel.zmq.session Session object for building, serializing, sending, and receiving messages in IPython.
IPython.kernel.zmq.zmqshell A ZMQ-based subclass of InteractiveShell.
IPython.lib.backgroundjobs Manage background (threaded) jobs conveniently from an interactive shell.
IPython.lib.clipboard Utilities for accessing the platform’s clipboard.
IPython.lib.deepreload Provides a reload() function that acts recursively.
IPython.lib.demo Module for interactive demos using IPython.
IPython.lib.editorhooks ‘editor’ hooks for common editors that work well with ipython
IPython.lib.guisupport Support for creating GUI apps and starting event loops.
IPython.lib.inputhook Inputhook management for GUI event loop integration.
IPython.lib.latextools Tools for handling LaTeX.
IPython.lib.lexers Defines a variety of Pygments lexers for highlighting IPython code.
IPython.lib.pretty Python advanced pretty printer.
IPython.lib.security Password generation for the IPython notebook.
IPython.nbconvert.exporters.exporter This module defines a base Exporter class.
IPython.nbconvert.exporters.html HTML Exporter class
IPython.nbconvert.exporters.latex LaTeX Exporter class
IPython.nbconvert.exporters.markdown Markdown Exporter class
IPython.nbconvert.exporters.notebook NotebookExporter class
IPython.nbconvert.exporters.pdf Export to PDF via latex
IPython.nbconvert.exporters.python Python script Exporter class
IPython.nbconvert.exporters.rst restructuredText Exporter class
IPython.nbconvert.exporters.script Generic script exporter class for any kernel language
IPython.nbconvert.exporters.slides HTML slide show Exporter class
IPython.nbconvert.exporters.templateexporter This module defines TemplateExporter, a highly configurable converter that uses Jinja2 to export notebook files into different formats.
IPython.nbconvert.filters.ansi Filters for processing ANSI colors within Jinja templates.
IPython.nbconvert.filters.citation Citation handling for LaTeX output.
IPython.nbconvert.filters.datatypefilter Filter used to select the first preferred output format available.
IPython.nbconvert.filters.highlight Module containing filter functions that allow code to be highlighted from within Jinja templates.
IPython.nbconvert.filters.latex Latex filters.
IPython.nbconvert.filters.markdown Markdown filters
IPython.nbconvert.filters.strings String filters.
IPython.nbconvert.nbconvertapp NbConvert is a utility for conversion of .ipynb files.
IPython.nbconvert.postprocessors.base Basic post processor
IPython.nbconvert.postprocessors.serve PostProcessor for serving reveal.js HTML slideshows.
IPython.nbconvert.preprocessors.base Base class for preprocessors
IPython.nbconvert.preprocessors.clearoutput Module containing a preprocessor that removes the outputs from code cells
IPython.nbconvert.preprocessors.coalescestreams Preprocessor for merging consecutive stream outputs for easier handling.
IPython.nbconvert.preprocessors.convertfigures Module containing a preprocessor that converts outputs in the notebook from one format to another.
IPython.nbconvert.preprocessors.csshtmlheader Module that pre-processes the notebook for export to HTML.
IPython.nbconvert.preprocessors.execute Module containing a preprocessor that removes the outputs from code cells
IPython.nbconvert.preprocessors.extractoutput A preprocessor that extracts all of the outputs from the notebook file.
IPython.nbconvert.preprocessors.highlightmagics This preprocessor detect cells using a different language through magic extensions such as %%R or %%octave.
IPython.nbconvert.preprocessors.latex Module that allows latex output notebooks to be conditioned before they are converted.
IPython.nbconvert.preprocessors.revealhelp Module that pre-processes the notebook for export via Reveal.
IPython.nbconvert.preprocessors.svg2pdf Module containing a preprocessor that converts outputs in the notebook from one format to another.
IPython.nbconvert.utils.base Global configuration class.
IPython.nbconvert.utils.exceptions NbConvert specific exceptions
IPython.nbconvert.utils.pandoc Utility for calling pandoc
IPython.nbconvert.writers.base Contains writer base class.
IPython.nbconvert.writers.debug Contains debug writer.
IPython.nbconvert.writers.files Contains writer for writing nbconvert output to filesystem.
IPython.nbconvert.writers.stdout Contains Stdout writer
IPython.nbformat The IPython notebook format
IPython.nbformat.reader API for reading notebooks of different versions
IPython.nbformat.sign Utilities for signing notebooks
IPython.nbformat.v3 The main API for the v3 notebook format.
IPython.nbformat.v3.convert Code for converting notebooks to and from the v2 format.
IPython.nbformat.v3.nbjson Read and write notebooks in JSON format.
IPython.nbformat.v3.nbpy Read and write notebooks as regular .py files.
IPython.nbformat.v3.rwbase Base classes and utilities for readers and writers.
IPython.nbformat.v4 The main API for the v4 notebook format.
IPython.nbformat.v4.convert Code for converting notebooks to and from v3.
IPython.nbformat.v4.nbjson Read and write notebooks in JSON format.
IPython.nbformat.v4.rwbase Base classes and utilities for readers and writers.
IPython.parallel The IPython ZMQ-based parallel computing interface.
IPython.parallel.apps.baseapp The Base Application class for IPython.parallel apps
IPython.parallel.apps.ipclusterapp The ipcluster application.
IPython.parallel.apps.ipcontrollerapp The IPython controller application.
IPython.parallel.apps.ipengineapp The IPython engine application
IPython.parallel.apps.iploggerapp A simple IPython logger application
IPython.parallel.apps.launcher Facilities for launching IPython processes asynchronously.
IPython.parallel.apps.logwatcher A simple logger object that consolidates messages incoming from ipcluster processes.
IPython.parallel.apps.win32support Utility for forwarding file read events over a zmq socket.
IPython.parallel.apps.winhpcjob Job and task components for writing .xml files that the Windows HPC Server 2008 can use to start jobs.
IPython.parallel.client.asyncresult AsyncResult objects for the client
IPython.parallel.client.client A semi-synchronous Client for IPython parallel
IPython.parallel.client.magics Magic command interface for interactive parallel work.
IPython.parallel.client.map Classes used in scattering and gathering sequences.
IPython.parallel.client.remotefunction Remote Functions and decorators for Views.
IPython.parallel.client.view Views of remote engines.
IPython.parallel.controller.dependency Dependency utilities
IPython.parallel.controller.dictdb A Task logger that presents our DB interface, but exists entirely in memory and implemented with dicts.
IPython.parallel.controller.heartmonitor A multi-heart Heartbeat system using PUB and ROUTER sockets.
IPython.parallel.controller.hub The IPython Controller Hub with 0MQ
IPython.parallel.controller.scheduler The Python scheduler for rich scheduling.
IPython.parallel.controller.sqlitedb A TaskRecord backend using sqlite3
IPython.parallel.engine.engine A simple engine that talks to a controller over 0MQ.
IPython.parallel.error Classes and functions for kernel related errors and exceptions.
IPython.parallel.factory Base config factories.
IPython.parallel.util Some generic utilities for dealing with classes, urls, and serialization.
IPython.qt.base_frontend_mixin Defines a convenient mix-in class for implementing Qt frontends.
IPython.qt.client Defines a KernelClient that provides signals and slots.
IPython.qt.console.ansi_code_processor Utilities for processing ANSI escape codes and special ASCII characters.
IPython.qt.console.bracket_matcher Provides bracket matching for Q[Plain]TextEdit widgets.
IPython.qt.console.completion_html A navigable completer for the qtconsole
IPython.qt.console.completion_plain A simple completer for the qtconsole
IPython.qt.console.completion_widget A dropdown completer widget for the qtconsole.
IPython.qt.console.console_widget An abstract base class for console-type widgets.
IPython.qt.console.frontend_widget Frontend widget for the Qt Console
IPython.qt.console.ipython_widget A FrontendWidget that emulates the interface of the console IPython.
IPython.qt.console.kill_ring A generic Emacs-style kill ring, as well as a Qt-specific version.
IPython.qt.console.magic_helper MagicHelper - dockable widget showing magic commands for the MainWindow
IPython.qt.console.mainwindow The Qt MainWindow for the QtConsole
IPython.qt.console.qtconsoleapp A minimal application using the Qt console-style IPython frontend.
IPython.qt.console.styles Style utilities, templates, and defaults for syntax highlighting widgets.
IPython.qt.inprocess Defines an in-process KernelManager with signals and slots.
IPython.qt.kernel_mixins Defines a KernelManager that provides signals and slots.
IPython.qt.manager Defines a KernelClient that provides signals and slots.
IPython.qt.rich_text Defines classes and functions for working with Qt’s rich text system.
IPython.qt.svg Defines utility functions for working with SVG documents in Qt.
IPython.qt.util Defines miscellaneous Qt-related helper classes and functions.
IPython.sphinxext.custom_doctests Handlers for IPythonDirective’s @doctest pseudo-decorator.
IPython.sphinxext.ipython_console_highlighting reST directive for syntax-highlighting ipython interactive sessions.
IPython.sphinxext.ipython_directive Sphinx directive to support embedded IPython code.
IPython.terminal.console.app A minimal application using the ZMQ-based terminal IPython frontend.
IPython.terminal.console.completer Adapt readline completer interface to make ZMQ request.
IPython.terminal.console.interactiveshell terminal client to the IPython kernel
IPython.terminal.console.zmqhistory ZMQ Kernel History accessor and manager.
IPython.terminal.embed An embedded IPython shell.
IPython.terminal.interactiveshell Subclass of InteractiveShell for terminal based frontends.
IPython.terminal.ipapp The Application object for the command line ipython program.
IPython.testing Testing support (tools to test IPython itself).
IPython.testing.decorators Decorators for labeling test objects.
IPython.testing.globalipapp Global IPython app to support test running.
IPython.testing.iptest IPython Test Suite Runner.
IPython.testing.iptestcontroller IPython Test Process Controller
IPython.testing.ipunittest Experimental code for cleaner support of IPython syntax with unittest.
IPython.testing.skipdoctest Decorators marks that a doctest should be skipped, for both python 2 and 3.
IPython.testing.tools Generic testing tools.
IPython.utils.PyColorize Class and program to colorize python source code for ANSI terminals.
IPython.utils.capture IO capturing utilities.
IPython.utils.codeutil Utilities to enable code objects to be pickled.
IPython.utils.coloransi Tools for coloring text in ANSI terminals.
IPython.utils.contexts Context managers for temporarily updating dictionaries.
IPython.utils.daemonize daemonize function from twisted.scripts._twistd_unix.
IPython.utils.data Utilities for working with data structures like lists, dicts and tuples.
IPython.utils.decorators Decorators that don’t go anywhere else.
IPython.utils.dir2 A fancy version of Python’s builtin dir() function.
IPython.utils.doctestreload A utility for handling the reloading of doctest.
IPython.utils.encoding Utilities for dealing with text encodings
IPython.utils.eventful Contains eventful dict and list implementations.
IPython.utils.frame Utilities for working with stack frames.
IPython.utils.generics Generic functions for extending IPython.
IPython.utils.importstring A simple utility to import something by its string name.
IPython.utils.io IO related utilities.
IPython.utils.ipstruct A dict subclass that supports attribute style access.
IPython.utils.jsonutil Utilities to manipulate JSON objects.
IPython.utils.localinterfaces Simple utility for building a list of local IPs using the socket module.
IPython.utils.log Grab the global logger instance.
IPython.utils.module_paths Utility functions for finding modules
IPython.utils.openpy Tools to open .py files as Unicode, using the encoding specified within the file, as per PEP 263.
IPython.utils.path Utilities for path handling.
IPython.utils.pickleshare PickleShare - a small ‘shelve’ like datastore with concurrency support
IPython.utils.pickleutil Pickle related utilities.
IPython.utils.process Utilities for working with external processes.
IPython.utils.rlineimpl Imports and provides the ‘correct’ version of readline for the platform.
IPython.utils.signatures Function signature objects for callables.
IPython.utils.strdispatch String dispatch class to match regexps and dispatch commands.
IPython.utils.submodule utilities for checking submodule status
IPython.utils.sysinfo Utilities for getting information about IPython and the system it’s running in.
IPython.utils.syspathcontext Context managers for adding things to sys.path temporarily.
IPython.utils.tempdir TemporaryDirectory class, copied from Python 3.2.
IPython.utils.terminal Utilities for working with terminals.
IPython.utils.text Utilities for working with strings and text.
IPython.utils.timing Utilities for timing code execution.
IPython.utils.tokenutil Token-related utilities
IPython.utils.traitlets A lightweight Traits like module.
IPython.utils.tz Timezone utilities
IPython.utils.ulinecache Wrapper around linecache which decodes files to unicode according to PEP 263.
IPython.utils.version Utilities for version comparison
IPython.utils.warn Utilities for warnings.
IPython.utils.wildcard Support for wildcard pattern matching in object inspection.
IPython.utils.zmqrelated Utilities for checking zmq versions.