This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Module: kernel.zmq.eventloops

Event loop integration for the ZeroMQ-based kernels.

9 Functions


Decorator to register an event loop to integrate with the IPython kernel

The decorator takes names to register the event loop as for the %gui magic. You can provide alternative names for the same toolkit.

The decorated function should take a single argument, the IPython kernel instance, arrange for the event loop to call kernel.do_one_iteration() at least every kernel._poll_interval seconds, and start the event loop.

IPython.kernel.zmq.eventloops provides and registers such functions for a few common event loops.


Start a kernel with PyQt4 event loop integration.


Start a kernel with PyQt5 event loop integration.


Start a kernel with wx event loop support.


Start a kernel with the Tk event loop.


Start the kernel, coordinating with the GTK event loop


Start the kernel, coordinating with the GTK event loop


Start the kernel, coordinating with the Cocoa CFRunLoop event loop via the matplotlib MacOSX backend.

IPython.kernel.zmq.eventloops.enable_gui(gui, kernel=None)

Enable integration with a given GUI