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Module: parallel.controller.sqlitedb

A TaskRecord backend using sqlite3

1 Class

class IPython.parallel.controller.sqlitedb.SQLiteDB(**kwargs)

Bases: IPython.parallel.controller.dictdb.BaseDB

SQLite3 TaskRecord backend.

add_record(msg_id, rec)

Add a new Task Record, by msg_id.


Remove a record from the DB.


Remove a record from the DB.

find_records(check, keys=None)

Find records matching a query dict, optionally extracting subset of keys.

Returns list of matching records.


check: dict

mongodb-style query argument

keys: list of strs [optional]

if specified, the subset of keys to extract. msg_id will always be included.


get all msg_ids, ordered by time submitted.


Get a specific Task Record, by msg_id.

update_record(msg_id, rec)

Update the data in an existing record.