This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Module: qt.client

Defines a KernelClient that provides signals and slots.

3 Classes

class IPython.qt.client.QtHBChannel(*args, **kw)

Bases: IPython.qt.util.SuperQObject, IPython.kernel.channels.HBChannel


Reimplemented to emit signals instead of making callbacks.

class IPython.qt.client.QtZMQSocketChannel(socket, session, loop)

Bases: IPython.kernel.threaded.ThreadedZMQSocketChannel, IPython.qt.util.SuperQObject

A ZMQ socket emitting a Qt signal when a message is received.


This method is called in the ioloop thread when a message arrives.

It is important to remember that this method is called in the thread so that some logic must be done to ensure that the application level handlers are called in the application thread.


Process any pending GUI events.

class IPython.qt.client.QtKernelClient(**kwargs)

Bases: IPython.qt.kernel_mixins.QtKernelClientMixin, IPython.kernel.threaded.ThreadedKernelClient

A KernelClient that provides signals and slots.