This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Module: qt.console.completion_html

A navigable completer for the qtconsole

2 Classes

class IPython.qt.console.completion_html.SlidingInterval(maximum=1, width=6, minimum=0, sticky_lenght=1)

Bases: object

a bound interval that follows a cursor

internally used to scoll the completion view when the cursor try to go beyond the edges, and show ‘...’ when rows are hidden

__init__(maximum=1, width=6, minimum=0, sticky_lenght=1)

Create a new bounded interval

any value return by this will be bound between maximum and minimum. usual width will be ‘width’, and sticky_length set when the return interval should expand to max and min


current cursor position


begiiing of interval to show


end of interval to show

class IPython.qt.console.completion_html.CompletionHtml(console_widget)

Bases: PyQt4.QtGui.QWidget

A widget for tab completion, navigable by arrow keys


Create a completion widget that is attached to the specified Qt text edit widget.


Cancel the completion

should be called when the completer have to be dismissed

This reset internal variable, clearing the temporary buffer of the console where the completion are shown.

eventFilter(obj, event)

Reimplemented to handle keyboard input and to auto-hide when the text edit loses focus.


move cursor down


move cursor left


move cursor right


move cursor up

show_items(cursor, items)

Shows the completion widget with ‘items’ at the position specified by ‘cursor’.

1 Function

IPython.qt.console.completion_html.html_tableify(item_matrix, select=None, header=None, footer=None)

returnr a string for an html table