This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions here.

Module: utils.warn

Utilities for warnings. Shoudn’t we just use the built in warnings module.

5 Functions

IPython.utils.warn.warn(msg, level=2, exit_val=1)

Standard warning printer. Gives formatting consistency.

Output is sent to io.stderr (sys.stderr by default).


-level(2): allows finer control:
0 -> Do nothing, dummy function. 1 -> Print message. 2 -> Print ‘WARNING:’ + message. (Default level). 3 -> Print ‘ERROR:’ + message. 4 -> Print ‘FATAL ERROR:’ + message and trigger a sys.exit(exit_val).

-exit_val (1): exit value returned by sys.exit() for a level 4 warning. Ignored for all other levels.


Equivalent to warn(msg,level=1).


Equivalent to warn(msg,level=3).

IPython.utils.warn.fatal(msg, exit_val=1)

Equivalent to warn(msg,exit_val=exit_val,level=4).

IPython.utils.warn.DeprecatedClass(base, class_name)